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Strategic, creative copywriting for businesses and agencies who believe in the power of words

I deliver kick-ass, compelling website copy with users & SEO in mind, define your brand’s tone of voice, or produce blog posts that make it sound like I’ve been in your head – but not in a creepy way.


My clients often tell me they know what they want to say, but they just can’t find the words.


Nail that project that’s been hanging over your head with my done-and-dusted packages.


Seven seconds. That’s all you have before a would-be customer skips off to your competitors. In that precious, fleeting moment, your website needs to convince them that they need you in their life. I offer specialist web content packages and custom projects, too.



Need a blog written? A landing page?
Or some strategic customer emails?
Has it been lingering at the bottom of your to-do list for what feels like forever? I’m your woman. I’ll take it off your hands and deliver it back, gleaming and ready to go within days. 



This isn’t just a fluffy marketing thing. This has a huge impact. Big businesses have collectively spent millions on developing their brand voice so they can truly engage their customers. It applies to small businesses too. I can help you define your brand voice and get everyone on the team talking your talk. 


I have nearly two decades in marketing under my belt. As a marketer, I worked at a senior level for big and small businesses in the arts, finance, broadcasting, e-commerce, airlines and tourism.

Working as a freelance copywriter & marketing consultant for the last seven years, I’ve worked for a vast range of clients and sectors, from solicitors and architects to tourism bodies and landscape gardeners.

I’ve sat on the client side of the table and the agency side. I know the score.

As a freelancer, it feels natural to utilise all that I have learnt during my 20 years in the marketing industry, so I’ve consulted in marketing strategy, SEO, social strategy and website creation alongside creative copywriting. Which means I bring all of that experience to every job. The words I write aren’t just pretty; they work damn hard, too.

If you want someone who can quickly get to grips with the issues faced by your audience, who understands how to engage and persuade them, and who can deliver copy that sounds like you, then you need to book a chat with this face.

Expert copywriting by Kat White, founder of Word It


Your website has less than seven seconds to make an impact on a potential customer. Are you really going to leave that sh*t to chance? 

If your content doesn’t deliver an ‘aha’ moment within the first few seconds, you can pretty much kiss that customer goodbye.

You’re probably in one of three scenarios…

1. You or your team have been writing your own copy since day one and it’s all getting a bit hard, boring or ‘samey’.

2. You hired an agency for another reason. The brief and the budget didn’t include copy, but you asked for some as an afterthought, and it sucks.

3. You paid a friend’s teenager to help with your content and social activity over the summer. And you suspect they spent most of their time on TikTok.

Ring any bells? It’s time to do this properly.

I can make your words work for you.

You can be a big corporate player or a small business working from your kitchen table. I’ve worked with both. All I ask is that you believe in the value of words and that you are willing to put some budget behind that belief. Simple.

Latest Work

I’ve been busy! Check out some examples of recent work.

Dine Local website content by Kat White freelance copywriter
Copy for the new Flybe website by Kat White freelance copywriter
Website copy for ThermalCo by Kat White freelance copywriter

There’s plenty more where that came from. Simply get in touch and I can show you more.